Broken home

I sat up in bed and walked over to my window and open it. I pulled my feet under me and looked out into the night sky. I looked up at the moon and stars and they bring me a little bit of comfort. I start thinking about my house and how beautiful it is but the beauty hides the truth. This house is hollow. It lost the love that was put into it a long time ago. One day my parents came home mad at each other over something so small. There fight was over a old friend of my dad’s (also a female) that text him on Facebook. My mom said that he lied to her saying that he didn’t know who she was and she just “magically” appeared on his friends list. I don’t know what really happened they both have a different story and I don’t know who to believe. After that nothing was the same.They started fighting over anything and sometimes in the night when I was in my room reading I would hear glass braking and yelling. My older brother was hardly home. He was always out with his friends and I wished so many times that he would take me with him…But he never did. As I sat looking out the window I let my hidden tears fall. How could things get this bad? How did I not see it coming. I miss the times we would spend together. I miss there laughter. I want to yell into the night why?!!! Why was this happening? I want to yell at them for breaking up are family. But what’s the point. They won’t hear me. They have already forgotten and abandoned me.